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Books Edited by Murray Krieger, The Problems of Aesthetics

Compiled by

Eddie Yeghiayan

  • Edited (with Eliseo Vivas.) The Problems of Aesthetics: A Book of Readings. New York: Rinehart, 1953.


    • Preface:vi-vii.
      Section One: The Discipline of Aesthetics
    • The Editors: "The Nature, the Teaching, and the Problems of Aesthetics":1-19.
    • Louis Arnauld Reid: "Artists, Critics, and Philosophers":19-30.
    • Douglas N. Morgan: "Psychology and Art Today: A Summary and Critique":30-47.
      Section Two: The Editors' Preface: "The Nature of Art":48-50.
    • Jacques Maritain: "A Definition of Art":51-69.
    • Benedetto Croce: "Art as Intuition":69-90.
    • DeWitt H. Parker: "The Nature of Art":90-105.
    • Charles W. Morris: "Science, Art and Technology":105-115.
      Section Three: The Editors' Preface: "The Creative Act":116-118.
    • Henry James: "The 'Germ' of a Story:118-123.
    • T.E. Hulme: "Bergson's Theory of Art":125-138.
    • S. Alexander: "The Creative Process in the Artist's Mind":139-153.
    • Sigmund Freud: "The Relation of the Poet to Day-Dreaming":153-160.
    • Sigmund Freud: "Neurotic and Artist":161-162.
    • Carl G. Jung: "On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetic Art":162-179.
      Section Four: The Editors' Preface: "The Aesthetic Object":180-182.
      Generic Traits
    • D.W. Prall: "The Elements of Aesthetic Surface in General":182-193.
    • D.W. Gotshalk: "Form":194-208.
    • Clive Bell: "The Aesthetic Hypothesis":208-211.
    • Arnold Isenberg: "Perception, Meaning, and the Subject-Matter of Art":211-225.
    • Benbow Ritchie: "The Formal Structure of the Aesthetic Object":225-233.
    • Isabel Creed Hungerland: "Iconic Signs and Expressiveness":234-239.
      Various Arts
    • René Wellek and Austin Warren: "The Analysis of the Literary Work of Art":239-255.
    • Henri-Matisse: "Notes of a Painter":255-261.
    • W.H. Hadow: "Outlines of Musical Form":262-276.
      Section Five: The Editors' Preface: "The Aesthetic Experience":277-279.
      Varieties of Aesthetic Experience
    • Henri Delacroix: "Varieties of Aesthetic Experience":279-285.
    • Albert R. Chandler: "Types of Response to Color":285-290.
    • Albert R. Chandler: "Types of Listeners":290-296.
    • Vernon Lee: "Varieties of Musical Experience":296-304.
      Interpretations of Aesthetic Experience
      As Pleasure
    • Henry Rutgers Marshall: "The Aesthetic Experience as Pleasure":304-314.
      As Empathy
    • Herbert Sidney Langfeld: "Empathy":315-325.
      As Experience
    • John Dewey: "Having an Experience":325-343.
      As Emotion
    • R.G. Collingwood: "The Expression of Emotion":343-358.
      Receptivity to Feeling
    • Curt John Ducasse: "The Aesthetic Attitude":358-368.
    • Curt John Ducasse: "The Aesthetic Feelings":368-376.
      Controlled Emotion
    • Stephen C. Pepper: "Emotion":376-386.
      As Organization of Impulses
    • I.A. Richards: "The Aesthetic Response as Organization of Attitudes":386-395.
      As Distance
    • Edward Bullough: "Psychical Distance as a Factor in Art and an Aesthetic Principle":396-405.
      As Intranstive Attention
    • Eliseo Vivas: "A Definition of the Esthetic Experience":406-411.
      Section Six: The Editors' Preface: "The Aesthetic Judgment":412-413.
      The Function of Criticism
    • Theodore Meyer Greene: "The Three Aspects of Criticism":414-418.
    • R.P. Blackmur: "A Burden for Critics":418-430.
      The Validity of the Aesthetic Judgment
    • George Boas: "The Authority of Criticism":430-436.
    • Bernard C. Heyl: "Relativism Again":436-445.
    • Arthur Child: "The Social-Historical Realtivity of Esthetic Value":445-462.
    • C.E.M. Joad: "The Objectivity of Beauty":463-479. Section Seven: The Editors' Preface: "The Functions of Art":480-483.
      Art and Religion
    • Leo Tolstoy: "The Religious Function of Art":483-498.
      Art and Society
    • Nikolai Bukharin: "Poetry and Society":498-514.
    • George Santayana: "Justification of Art":514-526.
    • George Santayana: "Art and Happiness":526-530.
      Art and Morality
    • W.K. Wimsatt, Jr.: "Poetry and Morals: A Relation Reargued":530-545.
    • Sidney Zink: "The Moral Effect of Art":545-561.
      Art as Autonomous
    • A.C. Bradley: "Poetry for Poetry's Sake':562-577.
    • Clive Bell: "Art and Ethics": 578-583.
      Art and Truth
    • I.A. Richards: "Poetry and Beliefs":583-589.
    • Morris Weitz: "Art, Language and Truth":590-604.
    • Dorothy Walsh: "The Cognitive Content of Art":604-618.
    • Philip Leon: "Aesthetic Knowledge":619-625.

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