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Special Issues of Journals on Paul de Man

Compiled by

Eddie Yeghiayan

South Central Review: The Journal of the South Central Modern Language Review (Spring 1994), 11(1): "de Man and Heidegger Revisited":1-55.
Dasenbrock, Reed Way. "Reading Demanians Reading de Man," pp. 23-43.
Williams, Jeffrey. "The Shadow of de Man," pp. 44-55.
Wolin, Richard. "Deconstruction at Auschwitz: Heidegger, de Man, and the New Revisionism," pp. 2-22.

Critical Inquiry (Summer 1989), 15(4): "On Jacques Derrida's `Paul de Man's War'."

Responses to Jacques Derrida's "Like the Sound of the Sea Deep within a Shell: Paul de Man's War." Critical Inquiry (Spring 1988), 14(3):590-652.
Apostolidès, Jean-Marie. "On Paul de Man's War," pp. 765-766.
Brenkman, John and David Jules. "Resetting the Agenda," pp. 804-811.
Culler, Jonathan. "`Paul de Man's War' and the Aesthetic Ideology," pp. 777-783.
Derrida, Jacques. "Biodegradables. Seven Diary Fragments," pp. 812-881.
Felman, Shoshana. "Paul de Man's Silence," pp. 704-744.
Holdheim, W. Wolfgang. "Jacques Derrida's Apologia," pp. 784-796.
Perloff, Marjorie. "Response to Jacques Derrida," pp. 767-776.
Wiener, Jon. "The Responsibilities of Friendship: Jacques Derrida on Paul de Man's Collaboration," pp. 797-803.

Diacritics (Fall 1990), 20(3). "Paul de Man." Edited by Cynthia Chase.

Esch, Deborah. "The Work to Come," pp. 28-49.
Hertz, Neil. "More Lurid Figures," pp. 2-27.
Laclau, Ernesto. "Totalitarianism and Moral Indignation," pp. 88-95.
Melberg, Arne. "Repetition (in the Kierkegaardian Sense of the Term)," pp. 71-87.
Nancy, Jean-Luc. "Our History," pp. 96-115. (Translated by Cynthia Chase, Richard Klein and A. Mitchell Brown)
Redfield, Marc. "De Man, Schiller, and the Politics of Reception," pp. 50-70.

Yale French Studies (1985), 69.
The Lesson of Paul de Man. Edited by Paul Brooks, Shoshana Felman and J. Hillis Miller. Yale French Studies, 69. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1985.

Brooks, Peter, Shoshana Fleman and J. Hillis Miller. "Foreword," p. iii.
I. In Memoriam
Bonnefoy, Yves. "Paul de Man," pp. 17-21. Translated by Peggy McCracken in Appendix, pp. 327-330.
Brooks, Peter, pp. 4-6.
Burt, E.S., pp. 10-11.
Derrida, Jacques, pp. 13-16, 323-326. (Tr. Kevin Newmark)
Felman, Shoshana, pp. 8-9.
Giamatti, A. Bartlett. "In Memoriam," p. 6.
Hartman, Geoffrey H. "In Memoriam," pp. 6-8.
Johnson, Barbara. "In Memoriam," pp. 9-10.
Miller, J. Hillis, pp. 3-4.
Warminski, Andrzej, pp. 12-13.
II. Last Lecture
De Man, Paul. "'Conclusions' after Walter Benjamin's `The Task of the Translator' Messenger Lecture, Cornell University, March 4, 1983," pp. 25-46.
III. Reading de Man
Barzilai, Shuli. "A Review of Paul de Man's `Review of
Culler, Jonathan. "Reading Lyric," pp. 98-106.
Felman, Shoshana. "Postal Survival, or the Question of the Navel," pp. 49-72.
Frey, Hans-Jost. "Undecidability," pp. 124-133. (Translated by Robert Livingston)
Johnson, Barbara. "Rigorous Unreliability," pp. 73-80.
Mizumara, Minae. "Renunciation," pp. 81-97.
Riffaterre, Michael. "Prosopeia," pp. 107-123.
IV. Reading with de Man
Burt, E.S. "Developments in Character: Reading and Interpretation in `The Children's Punishment' and `The Broken Comb'," pp. 192- 210.
Echevarria, Robert Gonzalez. "Threats in Calderon: Life Is a Dream 1, 303-08," pp. 180-191.
Felperin, Howard. "The Anxiety of Deconstruction," pp. 254-266.
Guetti, Barbara Jones. "`Travesty' and `Usurpation' in Mme de Lafayette's Historical Fiction," pp. 211-221.
Hamacher, Werner. "The Second of Inversion: Movements of a Figure through Celan's Poetry," pp. 276-311. (Tr. William D. Jewett)
Hartman, Geoffrey H. "Meaning, Error, Text," pp. 145-149.
Haverkamp, Anselm. "Error in Mouring--A Crux in Holderlin:`dem gleich fehlet die Trauer' (`Mnemosyne')," pp. 238-253. (Translated by Vernon Chadwick)
Jacobs, Carol. "On Looking at Shelley's Medusa," pp. 163-179.
Keenan, Tom. "Bibliography of Texts by Paul de Man," pp. 315-322.
Miller, J. Hillis. "Impossible Metaphor: Stevens's `The Red Fern' as Example," pp. 150-162.
Ron, Moshe. "The Art of the Portrait According to James," pp. 222- 237.
Warminski, Andrzej. "Dreadful Reading: Blanchot on Hegel?" pp. 267-275.

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